Where Are We Going?

Our Vision

Being a people who LOVE Jesus and Show His LOVE

Our Mission

Reach Up | Reach In | Reach Out
Our Values

Values are the elements in which direct the course of an individual or organization. It helps that person or organization know what to say No or Yes to. Values are like a compass they help point you in the direction you are needing to go. Below are the values in which Columbia Heights holds to:


Our faith is based on the canon of Scripture. We believe that the written Word of God is to remain preeminent in all aspects of life and ministry. It is the standard and conviction maker, atmosphere setter, and the core of what church and ministry is built upon. We will stand on the promises of scripture, and maintain a positive confession regardless of circumstances. Our God is able!


We are a Presence-driven church, and believe that praising God in songs is a core platform for expressing our gratitude and his greatness. God’s very Presence shows up when we worship him.


We will be a church that prays, teaches prayer, promotes prayer at services, at home, at school, and at work. We will grow in prayer, and soak every activity we do in prayer. Prayer is the motor to the car we call “church”. Jesus describes his church as “a house of prayer for all nations”.


One of Jesus’ strongest commandment to his disciples was for them to love one another. Our goal is to be people who truly care for one another. We will foster this kind of genuine, deep love for each other through involvement in a small group, while still loving those who are not in one. As a leadership team, we will be relationally focused, spending time with each other, and with our church and community.


God has given each of us a talent. We are to use those abilities to glorify God. To do our best with what we have been given glorifies God. Excellence in character and excellence in presenting the Gospel will be marks of our love for God and people.


There will be opportunities for people to respond to the Gospel at almost every service we have. This will be a part of the culture of who we are–we are passionate to reach the lost. It will become a trait of each of us as individuals and in each of the circles of influence that we have. We will become people who live out the Gospel, and tell the Gospel to our neighbors, schoolmates, and co-workers. We may all share it differently, but we will all share it.


Leadership is the key to any organization. We will develop and recognize and find function for leaders of all ages. We will take risks on new leaders and young leaders, and encourage growth for all in leadership. Our job is to replace and multiply ourselves into other qualified people.


Our heart is to tell the next generation of believers the great things that God has done, and to inspire them to dream and experience Jesus for themselves all while building up older generations. We will have a dynamic kid, youth and adult ministry. We believe that God is already at work and moving in powerful ways in young and old. We will embrace the younger, and include them in all areas of ministry in the church.