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We Believe JESUS CHRist is our lord and Savior

As a church, everything we do will be about Christ. The purpose of our gatherings is to lift up the name of Jesus. we understand that everywhere we go we are representing Jesus. We believe that every person that is born is born into sin and because of that we are separated from God. The only way we can be reconciled to God is through believing and surrendering to Jesus Christ. This is where everyone’s walk of faith begins. This is what we refer to as ankle deep. // Ankle Deep // represents we have learned where to stand in the stream. we have taken a position that says, ‘I know where I stand in Christ. I am justified by faith. I have salvation in Him.’ When Christ becomes the center of our lives, everything changes at that moment. this is the church’s aim – to lead people in making Jesus the center of their lives. It’s only in Jesus that we have hope for eternal life.

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